Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

Above the clouds
You rule, you reign.
The sun shines bright
The air is clear
Waters run cold and pure
Birds flitter with joy
Above the clouds.

Oh how I yearn
For this fresh air
Blowing thru my soul
Where you rule and reign
Where I am strong
And enemies flee
Above the clouds.

You come for me
In the rippling stream
On wings of cool breeze
In the buzzing of the hummers
You bring my heart to life
You speak to me
Above the clouds.

You remind me of my name
Of who I am
You whisper your love for me
When I can scarcely believe
Yet I so desperately want to.
You give me of what I yearn for
Above the clouds.

Above the clouds
There is clarity
Where I can see forever
Where the sun can warm my heart
Where you alone can fill my lungs
You're the One who restores hope
Above the clouds.
©2014 Jeff Roberts from 9200' Colorado

Monday, May 5, 2014

Walking Broken

There was a life
Joyful, Happy, Unafraid
Hand in hand

Until that day
When the road turned
Into the Dark
Into Fear.

We never saw it coming
No time to prepare
No map
No light
No hope
We were just There.

Fear arose
Joy fled
Tears came
Step by step
Day by day
Death in us.

Others walked
Heads down
Faces wet
Hope gone

We cried out to You
Help us
Fix this
Don't leave us
Where are You?

Then we felt Your hand
Heard You whisper
Follow Me
Do You know the way
Of course You know the way
The road of sorrows.

We cannot see
You are our Hope
This trail of brokenness
It is our story
It's all our stories
Living Broken.
©2014 Jeff Roberts