Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hearts Alive and Free in Chicago!

We are conducting a series of workshops based on our Michigan Men's Bootcamp each Fall called Hearts Alive and Free. We'll take each of the sessions and make it a night, over nine weeks on Tuesday nights from 7-9 beginning Jan. 8, at Christ Community Church in St. Charles. Here's the promo blurb:

"Are you a man whose life feels sort of…boring?...empty?...routine? Have you ever wondered if you are meant to be more than you've become? Or have you even moved into despair, hopelessness, and depression, wondering if Christianity makes any difference? If you've ever sensed there has to be more to being a Christian man than just being a really nice guy, but you've struggled to put your finger on what that might be— we welcome you to Hearts Alive & Free.

This will be a lively presentation each night fille
d with movie clips and music, all aimed at helping you get your heart back and find healing for your wounds. Jesus promised us an abundant life in John 10:10, and He's either a liar, or we're missing something. Which is it?

There is a resource materials fee of $10 per person."


We really really pray that you'll pray and ask God if He wants you there. The enemy does NOT want you there, so really pray about the reasons you come up against that tell you not to go. Everything we've been looking for in this life, that it simply CANNOT provide, is an intimacy with God that no one told us we could have. Most of us default into duty and obedience and then shame when we fail, or we just go find something else to do that floats our boat.

Join us, you will NOT be disappointed.
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Walking Sunny Beaches, Looking For My Son

Endless sand sparkles before me

Waves gently pounding at my feet

People playing on la playa

Birds and bands crying out their musics

While I'm walking sunny beaches

Looking for my son.

I know this is Paradise

It's been called that many times

And I know my son's in Paradise

So I've come to find him

I'm walking sunny beaches

Looking for my son.

I scan the faces facing the water

Through wind swept tears

Hoping that one more mile

Will reveal his smile and he'll be there

I'm walking sunny beaches

Looking for my son.

And then I hear a whisper

Deep within my heart

"You've come to Paradise on Earth

He's in Paradise not on Earth."

He's walking sunny beaches

Living with my Son.

And while I know it's true

I've come to the wrong place

My heart refuses to accept it

And my spirit keeps crying out

I just can't stop walking sunny beaches

Looking for my son.