Saturday, February 16, 2013

A One Sentence Story

I've been thinking about how I'd write God's Story, after Matthew Luhn, Head of Story for Pixar, visited last weekend at our church. Matthew talks about the controlling idea, which is summing up your story in one sentence. How would you write God's Story, how would you sum it up in one sentence? It forces us to grab the main idea, edit down, and make it compelling.

Here's mine (creatively said):

God set a star in the sky, the star fell, and He reached down, picked it up and placed it back into the sky.

How might you put it?

Thursday, February 7, 2013



Where do they go, these drops


As they splash down from above.

How do they ever get home?

You see them

Each one

Kept in a bottle

For what?

Are they precious to you

The tears of your child?

As a heart that's been broken

Cries out for Dad.

Will the sun return

Or will I wash away?

Can the rain dry up

And not be rain?